Top 5 tips to choose the right heels

"The real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet." — Christian Dior

All women love heels. Period. We just love to buy and flaunt them around. But are we really comfortable wearing them? Extensive research tells us, heels can lift our style and boost confidence. And it does not hurt to admit, they make us look attractive. However, the fact is that no matter how much we dote on our clicking-clacking footwear, we are often compelled to opt for more modest options for everyday use. But ladies, I have some good news for you. YOU CAN wear the stilettos ANYWHERE, ANYTIME if you just follow some basics.

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So, here I'm going to give you 5 Tips to choose the right pair of heels.

Tip #1 Size to your feet:

Women tend to select larger shoe sizes to avoid discomfort to the feet. It is indeed a good idea. There are various types of soles that give you extra comfort like memory foams, silicon layers, etc.

Tip# 2 The correct sole

It is important to wear a good quality sole, after all, that's what your feet rely on. A good quality sole would not only be comfortable but also will preserve the life of your shoes.

Tip# 3 The correct heel size

It is an indisputable fact that heels can make women look absolutely stunning. However, it can lead to discomfort and even cause pain. Go through the method to get the correct size of the heel.

Tip# 4 Choose the perfect style of heel & position:

Feet must not wear forcibly fitted nor loosely fitted into shoes. They must be just fixed comfortably to the shoes. In order to find a comfortable pair of shoes don't feel awkward or lazy to walk for a little while. Pay attention to the heel's shape & where the pressure is troubling your feet. If the heels are too outward or inward they can cause discomfort and might even break.

Tip 5 # Material

Be forewarned - artificial materials are rough and take time to smoothen around the natural curves of your foot. At times, shoes can give you corns and calluses. To prevent this, put silicone layer/memory foam and practice wearing them.

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